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charlierusso04 on September 10, 2019

Strengthen w/ sufficient premise

I am getting the correct answer choices when I do all the work and map out the sufficient statements. Im finding it really time consuming though to map out the set of facts presented or argument and them map out the question and fill them in to see if the are indeed the missing premise. One of the question was "E" and it took me a while to eliminate the other four answer to get to "E". Is there any way of making this process go faster or any tips that would help to increase the speed of these question. Thanks again!

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SamA on September 19, 2019

Hello @charlierusso04,

I would reserve heavy diagramming for the tougher questions in the section. With the longer, more convoluted premises, it is difficult to keep track of the arguments mentally. In those instances, it does help to write things down. For the less difficult questions, sometimes it is best to simplify the argument in your head. Break it down in your own language, and and make a prediction of what you think the answer will look like. This will help you eliminate wrong answers and find the right one much more quickly.

It is good that you have been practicing your diagrams. This will help you identify the important parts of the passage, such as sufficient/necessary conditions and the conclusion. With more repetition, you won't have to diagram every single premise or condition. You can also highlight important parts of the text, which will help you break the argument down into more manageable pieces.