The author's primary purpose in mentioning the native language curricula being developed at many universities is to

Ryan-Mahabir on September 12, 2019

Why is D incorrect?


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Julie-V on September 17, 2019

I think the sentence that precedes is why we can choose (C):

"Yet despite the residual effects of this effort, there has recently been a resurgence in native language study and preservation efforts."

The fact that many universities developing a native american curricula comes after this sentence makes it an example of why there has been a resurgence

shunhe on December 23, 2019

@Julie-V, you hit the nail on the head. The sentence before introduces the primary purpose for discussing the development of Native American curricula at universities. While (D) may be true, it's not the main reason the author included the sentence. Hope this helps, @Ryan-Mahabir.