Each of the following is an example of the kind of native language radio programming advocated by the author in the f...

Ryan-Mahabir on September 12, 2019

Why is D correct? Why is E incorrect?


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Julie-V on September 17, 2019

i think the following lines give us the information that we would need to eliminate everything except for (D):

" recordings of elders speaking the native language, word games that mix English and native languages, and speeches by fluent speakers. There is evidence that this along with lessons printed in the local newspaper has had success at revitalizing native languages in some communities. Similarly, integrating traditional songs into the presentation of a native language makes it easier for novice speakers to grasp the language by familiarizing them with its rhythms."

a program about the language's grammar and idiomatic usage isn't mentioned, and (E) would be considered recordings in the native language

shunhe on December 23, 2019

Hi @Julie-V, that's correct! Indeed, if we look at the fourth paragraph, language lessons as mentioned in (D) are an example of "ineffective programming." (E) would be recordings of the native language, as you mentioned. Hope that helps, @Ryan-Mahabir!