Restaurant critic: Most people agree that the food at Marva's Diner is exceptional, while the food at the more popula...

Ryan-Mahabir on September 12, 2019

Why is D correct? Why is B incorrect?


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AndreaK on September 24, 2019

Hi Ryan-Mahabir,

Let’s deep dive into what this stimulus is saying. In this stimulus (but also, in all of them!) it’s crucially important to target the conclusion and make sure you understand what it’s saying in order to strengthen in.

Our conclusion is that this discrepancy should come as no surprise.

The discrepancy in reference is the fact that most people agree the food at Marva’s Diner is exceptional, while the food at more popular Traintrack Inn is ordinary.

So why is this no surprise? Our next premise gives us a reason.

Because the Traintrack Inn’s more convenient location is almost enough to guarantee a steady flow of customers.

…, the Traintrack Inn has a steady flow of customers. Cool! But what does this tell us about why people think the food isn’t as great there? It kind of falls short when you realize there’s a gap between a location that provides steady flow of customers and quality of food. To strengthen, look for something that gets to the idea that having a steady flow of customers leads people to expect lower quality food.

D) A business will improve its products only when it is necessary to do so in order to attract customers.

If you think about that you’ll realize that according to the stimulus, it’s not necessary for Traintrack Inn to attract customers (according to the last premise). So that means we know that Traintrack Inn won’t improve its products according to D's conditional language. So if D is true, it helps explain somewhat why there is an unsurprising discrepancy in the quality of food at the two places.

B) Any restaurant can become more popular by moving to a more convenient location.

If this were true, it doesn’t help explain anything about the discrepancy between the quality of food at the two restaurants.

Hope this helps!