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Gina on September 12 at 11:36PM

Question 15

When she says that, it has to be variable that have no one to their left, i do not understand why.

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Victoria on September 13 at 12:31AM

Hi @Gina-Monaghan,

It is because K must come before J in our sequence. So, if a partner joins the firm in 1963, it must be true that there are no partners to their left in the diagrammed sequence.

For example, although this is not one of the possible answer choices, we know that N cannot join the firm in 1963. Why? Because H is to its left in the sequence diagram, meaning that H must join the firm before N. But both 1961 and 1962 are filled, so N cannot join the firm in 1963 because H must join before N.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.