The traditional view of the Roman emperor Caligula as a cruel and insane tyrant has been challenged by some modern hi...

Michael-Margolis on September 15, 2019

Why is A not correct?

Please explain why C is the correct answer and A is not.

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tristanclapham on October 10, 2019

Same! Need help on this one

Eliaspite7 on October 15, 2019

Can I get help on this please? Im not entirely sure why C strengthens the historians argument against him being a cruel tyrant.

shunhe on December 27, 2019

Hi all,

Note first that this question is a strengthen question, and recall the argument the modern historians are making. We want evidence that supports the thesis that Caligula may not have been as cruel or insane as we thought he was. (C) supports this argument because it basically tells us that since the histories were written by his enemies, it's possible that they were just taking stereotypical evil tyrant acts and saying that Caligula carried them out. Also remember that the answer choices on the LSAT are not in a vacuum. We have to compare each of them to the other ones to find the BEST answer, and when compared to the others, (C) is the best answer.

(A) is wrong because even if there's less documentation for Caligula's reign than other rulers, there's no reason not to trust the little documentation that we do have. We need something that suggests that the documentation itself is wrong, and the amount of documentation doesn't suggest this. Hope this helps!