Marketing agent: A survey of my business clients reveals that, of those who made a profit last year, 90 percent made ...

ryanadarby on September 17, 2019


Why is the answer C? Thanks!

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SamA on September 17, 2019

Hello @ryanadarby,

Premise: Of those who made a profit last year, 90% made at least $100,000.

Premise: In previous years, none of these business profited more than $10,000.

Conclusion: 90% of my business clients increased their profits at least tenfold last year.

The question stem asks us what is wrong with this argument.

A key phrase in this passage is "of those who made a profit last year." This narrows the client base down to a select few. Among this group, it is true that 90% increased their profits at least ten fold last year.

However, this is not what the marketing agent claimed. The agent claimed this statistic applied to all of the business clients. There could have been clients who did not profit at all last year, which makes the marketing agent's argument misleading. This is why C is the correct answer.