Which one of the following pairs CANNOT be the fourth and fifth students to perform, respectively?

ash on September 17, 2019

There are two correct answers??

I chose the correct answer but how is D not also correct? If S is 4th and G is 5th then S wouldn't be before T which is one of the rules. I have stared at this question for so long and I just don't understand how D would be possible. Someone please explain

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ash on September 17, 2019

I see the issue now.. Its because of the way the question shows up on the screen. Can someone fix the games so they don't get spaced out awkwardly? I know its a minor issue but when you look at the games quickly and sentence is separated into multiple parts so the first thing you see is "S must be before T" it causes you to get the wrong answer

Irina on September 17, 2019


H R T S G would be a valid order. Notice that the rule that R &S must perform earlier than T applies ONLY if G performs earlier than T. Since in (D), G performs fifth, G performs later than T, and this rule is inapplicable. Hence, the only rules we have to comply with are:
H < G
H < S &T because H must perform either earlier or later than both S&T and since S is #4, it is impossible to perform later than both, thus it must be earlier.

Let me know if you have any other questions.