A new computer system will not significantly increase an organization's efficiency unless the computer system require...

Ryan on September 17 at 05:49PM

Why is A correct? Why is D incorrect?


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Julie on September 18 at 10:05PM

I think the key here is to note "new" and "existing" in the stimulus. If there's a new, more productive way of working, then there will be in increase in efficiency (NMPWW -> IE). But since the computer system is is fitting the existing way of work (~NMPWW), then it would have to be the case that there is not an increase in efficiency (~IE, answer choice A).

I read "most logically completes the argument" as a statement that would make the contrapositive statement " ____ -> ~NMPWW" true. Since the contrapositive of the S&N in the first sentence would be "~IE -> ~NMPWW", I think that would justify why (A) is correct.