Which one of the following partners cannot have the third highest salary?

LSATChris on September 17, 2019

Sequencing Games Timing

I have worked on a few sequencing questions and I am in my first week of preparation. I am averaging around 16-18 mins a section. I feel like I am taking a long time to set up, draw lines for each answer question to test, and then answer questions. What are some tips to managing set up for sections and questions?

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SamA on September 17, 2019

Hello @aichris5599,

That sounds pretty normal for your first week of preparation. It may seem like diagramming takes up a lot of time, but making a good diagram is is the only way to finish the section on time. For the time being, don't rush to get to the questions until you feel confident in your diagram. Eventually, you will breeze through the questions and you will realize why it is worth it to set up the problem thoroughly.

It may sound obvious, but repetition is the best way to become faster. The good thing about logic games, is that you can practice some of the same questions multiple times. Go back and do some of the sequencing questions you have already done, and see if you can pick up some speed.