The relationship described in passage A as holding between comedians and copyright law is most analogous to the relat...

zgnewquist on September 23, 2019

Trade secrecy law

I do not see how this relates to trade secrecy law, it seems that IP or patent law makes more sense

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Irina on September 23, 2019


Passage A tells us that copyright is the most relevant body of law for comedic routines (lines 3-5), yet copyright law is rarely relied upon in the industry. Passage B tells us that chefs' recipes are not covered by intellectual property laws (lines 40-44). Patent/ copyright are all part of the IP laws, hence we can eliminate (A) and (B) - another issue with (A) is that is says "intellectual property" not intellectual property law. Then Passage B tells us that legal protections are potentially available via trade secrecy laws, but chefs seldom use them (lines 44-46). This relationship is analogous to the one of comedians and copyright law that is available to them but is rarely relied upon, hence we can conclude that (D) is correct.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.

zgnewquist on September 25, 2019

Ok, I see what you are saying. Line 44-46 has the answer, thank you for your help!