Which one of the following would, if true, most call into question the claim in lines 49-51 of the passage?

Ryan on September 23 at 02:14PM

Why is C correct? Why is A incorrect?


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on September 23 at 07:04PM

Hello @Ryan-Mahabir,

Here is why A is incorrect. Rawls' theory does not require people to care about the preferences of strangers. In fact, his "veil of ignorance" theory is based completely on self-interest. See lines 39-42: "Under the limits of this ignorance, individuals motivated by self-interest endeavor to arrive at a solution in which they will not lose, because nobody loses." Answer choice A supports the claim that is made on lines 49-51.

Let's look at the cake example to evaluate answer choice C. A child acting like the people in answer choice C would do what? He would cut an enormous piece of the cake, on the off chance he gets it, and is willing to risk getting a small piece. This overturns the "veil of ignorance" theory, and questions the claim on lines 49-51. "Hence, any individual in the original position will agree that everyone should get at least a minimum amount of these primary goods." If C is correct, then this statement is false.