Critics of a plan to create new building sites from land that currently lies under only 5 meters of water claim that ...

Cirrus on September 23, 2019

Why is the correct answer B?

Having trouble getting to the correct answer.

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on September 24, 2019

Hello @cjahangiri,

Let's break down the argument.

Critics: building on land that is under 5 meters of water will reduce the size of the dolphin habitat.

Premise: Dolphins never enter water that is more than 30 meters deep.

Premise: The dolphin habitat is located between the shore and water that is over 30 meters deep.

Conclusion: The critics are mistaken, the building site will not reduce the habitat size.

What extra piece of information will prove to us that the critics are mistaken?

B gives us a logical completion of the argument. If dolphins do not inhabit water that is less than 10 meters deep, then the 5 meter section was already not a part of the dolphin habitat. Therefore, building sites on this part will not affect the habitat.

on April 29, 2020

I am confused. How did they come up with 10 meters? I only see the reference to 5 meters?

on October 9, 2020

Hello, where did the 10 meters come from?