The final paragraph of the passage functions primarily to

cjahangiri on September 23, 2019

Why is the correct answer C?

It kind of makes sense to me, but I think when taking the test and worried about time constraints, this question stumped me.

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SamA on September 25, 2019

Hello @cjahangiri,

Beginning with paragraph three, the author compares the methods that he/she used with the methods used by other cosmologists. Other cosmologists (multiverse theorists) tweak one factor at a time, while the author manipulates multiple constants at once.

The author's results suggest that a wide variety of physical laws could potentially allow complex structures and life. But how does this affect the multiverse theory? This is the question the author responds to in the final paragraph.

"Do our findings therefore call the concept of the multiverse into question?" This is the author discussing the implications of his/her research on the multiverse theory. This is the function of the final paragraph, which is best expressed by answer choice C.

The author does not argue against multiverse theory, which eliminates A. There is no mention of further research/experimentation, which eliminates B and E. The author does consider two reasons why multiverse theory could still be valid. However, the author never had a position against multiverse theory, so there is no counterargument here, which eliminates D.