Which one of the following must be true about Freedom's schedule of voyages?

Claude on September 24 at 04:01PM

Guadalupe and Jamaica same rule

If the proper answer is Because Jamaica can't be placed more than twice because it's paired with Guadalupe, wouldn't that mean answer C would also be correct?

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on September 24 at 10:55PM

Hello @Claude,

I believe this is the rule you are referring to: Guadalupe will be its destination in the week preceding any voyage it makes to Jamaica.

You referred to it as a pairing between Jamaica and Guadalupe, but that is not quite true. The rule requires that any time there is a trip to Jamaica, there must be a trip to Guadalupe immediately before it. However, that does not mean that every trip to Guadalupe is immediately followed by a trip to Jamaica.

It is possible to have 3 voyages to Guadalupe and 1 voyage to Jamaica. Take a look at this example.


Does this violate the rule mentioned above? No, because every voyage to Jamaica (week 3) is preceded by a voyage to Guadalupe. Answer choice C is incorrect because it is possible for Freedom to make more than two trips to Guadalupe.