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LSATChris on September 24, 2019

Strategy "because"

To determine conclusions without conclusion words I have been asking "because" at the start of each sentence. If it sounds like the word because would fit I know I have a premise or subsidiary conclusion. Would this work in many cases with most logical reasoning questions?

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AndreaK on September 25, 2019

Hi @LSATChris,

Theoretically, yes. That's one way to go about it! However, I worry you might get confused if you're doing it for every sentence. Maybe save this trick for when you're uncertain which of a couple parts of a stimulus is the conclusion. It might also help to unpack the whole argument and ask yourself, which parts are serving as supporting evidence and what part (or parts) is the one that relies on that support?

LSATChris on September 30, 2019

Okay Andrea thank you