Nylon industry spokesperson: Even though cotton and nylon are used for similar purposes, some people have the mistak...

elsaleh on September 25, 2019


Why is E the Correct answer ?

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SamA on September 25, 2019

Hello @elsaleh,

Conclusion: The notion that cotton is natural but nylon is not is mistaken. (In other words, the author concludes that nylon is natural.)

Premise: Nylon's main components are petroleum and nitrogen.

Premise: Nylon comes from the atmosphere, which is natural.

Premise: Petroleum comes from oil, which comes from ancient plants, which are natural.

The spokesperson's conclusion, in order to be justifiable, requires that either cotton is unnatural, or nylon is natural. The argument proceeds with the latter, suggesting that nylon is natural because its main components have natural sources.

We need an answer choice that helps to justify the conclusion. Our correct answer must link the given premises to the conclusion. Answer choice E does so perfectly, because it demonstrates that the main components argument leads to the spokesperson's conclusion.