If Nassar's salary is the same as that of one other partner of the firm, which one of the following must be false?

Anna on September 26, 2019

Question 4 Explanation Confusion

The rules state that K must be before I and L, yet in the 4th explanation, the game is set up with K - I - L formation. I'm confused as to why L can't go anywhere else in the game except for after the K - I sequence; how do we know that L is always going to make more money than N? I understand that L has to be after K but there aren't any other rules that specify or imply that L's position has to always be before N's. Thank you!

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Anna on September 26, 2019

I actually just realized there is a rule that specifies the L - N sequence.

Irina on September 26, 2019


That's correct, let us know if you have any other questions.