Hospital executive:  At a recent conference on nonprofit management, several computer experts maintained that the mos...

brucehannah3 on September 26, 2019


Can you explain the correct answer choice please

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SamA on September 26, 2019

Hello @brucehannah3,

Premise: Computer experts say that the largest threat to large institutions is unauthorized access to confidential data.

Conclusion: We should make the protection of our client's confidentiality our highest priority.

We need to ask ourselves, what is the hospital executive's conclusion based on? It is based entirely on the statement made by these computer experts. We are tasked with finding a vulnerability in this argument. Before reading the answer choices, we should expect that the correct answer will have something to do with the computer experts' testimony. It is the only support given for the conclusion.

Answer choice B is the only one that calls into question the executive's reasoning. How do we know that computer experts are qualified to make this claim? It doesn't say they are information experts, or data security experts, but simply "computer experts."

Maybe they are qualified. It's possible, because this is not a flaw in reasoning question. However, when looking for a vulnerability, we need to consider the support given for the conclusion, which in this case was the computer experts.

brucehannah3 on September 27, 2019

Thank you!