The passage suggests that Garcia assumes which one of the following to have been true of Mexican Americans between 19...

Hannah-Anderson on September 28, 2019

Missing something

Hi all, could someone please explain to me why answer choice B is correct and answer choice E is incorrect? I've been struggling with this one and am clearly missing something. Thanks in advance!

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SamA on September 28, 2019

Hello @Hannah-Anderson,

The problem with answer choice E comes down to the word "patronizing." This would give me the impression that Mexican Americans were offended by this rhetoric, as if it were phony in the context of widespread discrimination.

However, this is not Garcia's belief. Line 47 says, "Influenced by their experience of discrimination and by the inclusive rhetoric of World War II slogans, these leaders, according to Garcia, were determined to achieve full civil rights for all United States residents of Mexican descent." Rather than be offended by the inclusive rhetoric, Garcia seems to believe that they were inspired by it. This is what makes E incorrect.

I believe the strongest support for answer choice B is on line 44: "a new generation of Mexican American leaders appeared, one that was more acculturated and hence more politically active than its predecessor."