Advertisement: Our oat bran cereal is the only one that has printed right on its package all of its claimed health b...

Kath on September 28, 2019

Seek for help

Could you explain why B is the correct answer choice? I don't really understand the logic of the stimulus. It is convoluted and unusual. Thank you!

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Irina on September 29, 2019


It is a convoluted stimulus but you should immediately recognize that it uses circular logic.
Claims are true because health conscious consumers bought the cereal, and health conscious consumers only buy the cereal that has true claims printed on the package.

Let's compare it to the logic in (B):
Card game is challenging (claims are true) because it is played by intelligent people (because health conscious consumers bought it). Intelligent people (health conscious consumers) only play only challenging games (who buy only products with true claims). In fact, these players intelligence is demonstrated by the fact that they play this game (this part parallels the "How do we know they are health conscious?" In the stimulus).

The flawed circular logic is thus identical to the stimulus.

Let me know if this helps or if you need further clarification.