Phoebe: There have been many reported sightings of strange glowing lights, but a number of these sightings have a st...

Kath on September 29, 2019

Method of reasoning

I don't understand the logical reasoning of the last sentence said by Quincy, which is earthquake stress can cause any kind of lightning is speculative. What I understand is Q think the earthquake stress cannot cause the specific lightning. But I don't know why he uses the word any. Looking forward to your help!

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SamA on October 2, 2019

Hello @Kath,

Phoebe offers a natural explanation for the strange lights. She claims they are earthquake lights, a form of ball lightning caused by stresses on the ground.

Quincy disputes this, saying that earthquake lights may not be a real phenomenon. "The theory that ground stresses related to earthquakes can cause any kind of lightning is extremely speculative."

You asked about Quincy's use of "any." The ball lightning referenced by Phoebe is a type of lightning. Therefore, it is contained within the group "any kind of lightning." Quincy rejects Phoebe's theory of ball lightning, as well as any other type of lightning.

I suppose he could have just questioned the reality of ball lightning alone, which still would have countered Phoebe's explanation. However, he took it a step further by questioning the possibility of any type of lightning. It doesn't really matter, because these have the same effect of questioning Phoebe's explanation, which is why C is correct.

Kath on October 7, 2019

@SamA This explanation is excellent!