Which one of the following best describes the organization of the passage?

Ryan-Mahabir on September 29, 2019

Why is A correct? Why is B incorrect?


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Irina on September 30, 2019


The text starts of with the description of Pocock's innovative approach to political text linguistic analysis, followed by specific examples of his approach being applied to the 18th century English and US texts, and concludes with overall assessment of his work "applaud the historian who, although guilty of some exaggeration, has done the most.." (lines 60-62). This structure is best reflected in the answer choice (A), a description of thesis (Pocock's approach) is offered, specific cases are considered (English/ US texts), and an evaluation is given (recognize Pocock's contribution).

(B) is incorrect because the thesis is not qualified, the author never says that Pocock's approach is limited in certain ways as the only evidence suggesting that his ideas are more controversial when applied to the US 18th century texts suggest that he failed to consider one of the relevant vocabularies in this specific instance -as he himself admitted - in interpreting the text, rather that qualifying the approach as a whole.

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