Which one of the following principles most likely governs the author's evaluation of Jacobs's narrative?

RitaW on September 29, 2019

Answer C

Can you please show me the support in passage for Answer C? Thx a lot.

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Irina on September 30, 2019


The support for (C) is found in the first paragraph. The author tells us that Jacobs created her narrative in the hopes that [free women] would sympathize with a predicament of a female slave. By demonstrating that familiar values are also prized by the slaves, she is leading her readers to perceive these values in a broader social context (lines 13-22). The other answer choices (D) and (E) accurately describe the means utilized by Jacobs but they are not reflective of the overall purpose that makes her literary work more valuable - to get her readers to view these familiar values found in domestic novels in a broader social context. (B) is incorrect because it is not an accurate description of Jacob's style - critics argue that she shortchanged her own experience (lines 23-34). (A) is incorrect because it is out of scope, the author never discusses whether Jacob attempts to capture the mood of a particular period.

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