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SeonAh on October 1 at 12:36AM

Quantifier Statement Negation (most)

In the example, you said that the opposite of “Most people care.” Is “50% or less of people care.” or we can also say it as “Most people don't care.” I don't really grasp the idea how “Most people don't care.” can be the opposite. I need further explanation :(

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on October 2 at 01:15AM

Hello @SeonAh-Lee,

"Most" can be described as anything more than 50%. If 51% of people care, then most people care.

If exactly 50% of people care, then we cannot say that most people care. It has to be more than half.

If only 49% of people care, then what can we say about the rest of the population? We can say that 51% do not care, which qualifies as "most people do not care."

Does that answer your question?

Kenji on March 17 at 02:01PM

I don't understand why the negated version of "most people case could" be "most people don't care." Why isn't it just less than 50% of the people?