Dillworth: More and more people are deciding not to have children because of the personal and economic sacrifices ...

Ryan on October 2, 2019

Why is D correct?


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jing jing on May 24, 2020

Could someone please explain the right answer? Thanks

on September 22, 2020

Also hoping to see an explanation of the right answer.

jing jing on October 15, 2020

Hi I am not an instructor and I also got this question wrong but I understand why it is wrong now. So I will share you what I think is the right explanation and hopefully you will find it useful.

Dillworth is arguing that children can fulfill parental values, which he defines as “children provide the best chance most people have of ensuring that their values live on after them.” This category of person, namely the people who have children, presents reason in favor of a given course of action, which is that life value lives on after giving birth to children, that is more telling or more significant than the reason cited against that course of action, which is to not have children for fear of getting ungracious children.

D states “distinguishing a category of person (people who have children) for whom the reason presented in favor of a given course of action (life value lives on in their children) is more telling than the reasons cited against that course of action (getting ungracious children).

Hopefully I explained it right. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.