Magazine editor: I know that some of our regular advertisers have been pressuring us to give favorable mention to ...

Ryan on October 2, 2019

Why is D correct? Why is C incorrect?


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on September 22, 2020

Also hoping for an answer.

Mcihelle on November 9, 2020

me as well!

on December 5, 2020

same lol $1,000 well spent

on December 17, 2020

Hi all,

I had the exact same question and initially picked (C) however I understand why (D) is the correct answer instead of (C).

Magazine editor says "To remain an effective advertising vehicle we must have loyal readership, and we would soon lose that readership if our readers suspect that our editorial integrity has been compromised by pandering to advertisers." - this means that changing the policy would actually lose readers, fewer people would buy the magazine. If they don't buy the magazine, they won't see the ads.

The advertising sales director misunderstands her argument, and makes a counterargument about how readers view the ads. Hence (D) is the correct answer because the sales director fails to address the point about the lost readership i.e. the magazine editor's argument "does not depend on any assumption about readers' response to the advertisements they see in the magazine"

I hope the above helps! :)