Humankind would not have survived, as it clearly has, if our ancestors had not been motivated by the desire to sacrif...

Meredith on October 2, 2019


Can someone please answer the question on the previous thread? I too am wondering why y'all ignored the quantifiers in your diagramming for the stimulus and choice A. Thanks.

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shunhe on January 1, 2020

Hi @Meredith,

It's a good question, but not super important to solving the problem here. Note that "some students" raise their grade, and so "some students" have good time management. It's the same group of students that's being talked about in both. In this question, though, we're looking for the answer choice that is "most similar in its reasoning," and the logical steps required to get to the answers in both (A) and the stimulus are the same. Notice that among the other answer choices, (A) is still definitely the best answer. Hope this still helps, and feel free to keep asking questions if you have them.