Not taking the effects of El Ni&ntildeo into account when figuring the effect of volcanic eruptions on Earth's cl...

Chen on October 2, 2019

Answer E

Please explain this question. Thx!

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Annie on October 15, 2019


The passage begins to discuss El Nino at line 20. It states that the scientists filtered out temperature changes caused by El Nino because the weather pattern can "mask the cooling brought about by an eruption" or can also "mimic volcanic cooling." Therefore, you're looking for an answer choice where certain data points could obscure the actual results.

(E) is correct. The age's of immigrants could obscure the data from the number of births. Both will affect the total population, and therefore to determine whether birth numbers affected the average population, you need to separate out the effect from immigration.

(A) is incorrect. The weight of the package as a whole would not affect the calculation of the weight of the contents of the passage.

(B) is incorrect. The monetary value would not alter/obscure the number of coins.

(C) is incorrect. The magnification of a lens does not alter/obscure the shape of an object seen through it.

(D) is incorrect. This statement is almost the reverse of the one at issue. If you didn't take the number of false crime reports into account, then you would have an incorrect calculation of the number of real crimes. In contrast, you must exclude the effects of El Nino to determine the true effects of a volcanic eruption.