Psychologists observing a shopping mall parking lot found that, on average, drivers spent 39 seconds leaving a parkin...

#JW on October 4, 2019


I understand the correct answer but re-doing my incorrect answers I was wondering about examining shopping mall parking spaces vs the conclusion simply saying parking spaces, my question is how can we say that this is not unrepresentative since the premise says a certain type of parking space and the conclusion says parking space? Are we to assume that a parking space is a parking space in any lot, all parking spaces created equal?

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shunhe on December 31, 2019

Hi @#JW,

Generally, I think we would assume that parking spaces are generally equal, which is the premise that (D) tries to undermine. The problem with (D), however, is that it says that shopping mall parking lots are different with respect to the likelihood other cars are waiting to enter the parking spaces, as opposed to having some difference that makes people wait longer or shorter. Knowing that there's a higher or lower probability of a waiting car doesn't change the fact that when there is a waiting car, the time spent leaving a parking space is longer. Hope this answers your question!