Council chair: The traditional code of parliamentary procedure contains a large number of obscure, unnecessary rules,...

Sophia on October 5 at 07:35PM


Hi, can someone please explain why B is wrong?

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Ben on October 7 at 06:15PM

Hi Sophi98, thanks for the question!

The argument describes problems in their parliamentary procedure and concludes that it must adopt an alternate code, because it worked well somewhere else.

We need to weaken this claim.

Answer choice B, by saying that the alternate code is sometimes used to mix up opponents, does not tell us that the alternate code will not be successful. Perhaps there is a way to obscure your opponent's understanding of procedures in every parliamentary code.

Hope this helps!

Cirrus on December 27 at 05:33PM

This makes sense, but could you please explain how C is the best answer? Thanks!

on April 1 at 12:52AM

Ya why is c right