Problem: The Thimble Corporation recently distributed rebate coupons for one of its products. Some of the coupons bor...

SeonAh-Lee on October 6, 2019

Question stem

I'm confused about what do look for in the AC. I know we have to apply the principle to the problem stated. But I don't understand what to do next with the ACs.

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SeonAh-Lee on October 9, 2019

Explanation needed

shunhe on December 27, 2019

Hi @SeonAh-Lee,

Once you figure out the principle, I would personally go through the answer choices one by one and apply the principle. A shortcut you could take would be to realize that this is a conditional nature and that there has to be an obligation to compensate. Thus, you could look at the conclusion of the answer choices for similar obligations and eliminate those that don't fit, and then do another go-through more carefully. Hope this helps.