Though Earth's human population is increasing, it currently uses only a relatively small fraction of the supply of fr...

SeonAh-Lee on October 6, 2019

Which strategy was used?

I still don't get why B is the right answer. As read the post below but it still doesn't make sense to me :( I interpreted small fraction of the supply of fresh water as a total usage of the whole population. So why do different regions matter?

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Irina on October 7, 2019


Your interpretation is correct, the 'small fraction of the supply of fresh water" refers to the overall amount of fresh water available in proportion to total human population, but the distribution of fresh water is uneven - so some arid regions have water shortage while others may have access to fresh water that significantly exceeds their demand. Hence, we cannot conclude that no water shortages will plague humankind because in some regions water fresh water might indeed be very scarce even though on a global scale, only a small amount of fresh water is being used - that is the reason the distribution of fresh water across regions weakens the argument.