Which one of the following groups could perform at 6?

Jbrito14 on October 6, 2019

General question

Do the makers of the LSAT put this kind of broad question as a time trap? Maybe its their way of testing how neat and how aware the students are of previous work?

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Irina on October 8, 2019


I am not able to access the question you are referring to. Could you please reproduce the question?

shunhe on January 11, 2020

Hi @jbrito14,

If I’m not mistaken, you’re referring to question 20 of the December 2005 LSAT (preptest #48). This is a “could be true” question on a logic game, and you’re definitely right in realizing that it’s a time trap. If you try out every possibility, it’ll suck up a lot of time. Part of it is testing how neat and aware you are of your previous work. When you come across one of these questions, save it until the end of the game, and make sure that all your hypotheticals are diagrammed carefully. A good amount of the time, if you keep your work neat, then you’ll be able to see the correct answer—in this question, that one of GHLQT are in the 6 slot. Other times, this kind of question will be able to be answered by careful diagramming and following deductions. It might be the case that four of the answer choices just can’t be in a spot, which leaves the last answer choice as the right answer. Thus, make sure your game set ups are comprehensive. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.