Editorial: The legislature is considering allowing oil drilling in the Cape Simmons Nature Preserve. Supporters claim...

Jiayi on October 7 at 03:45AM

why E is wrong?

I think E is also making sense here.

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Ben on October 7 at 05:03PM

Hi Jiayi, thanks for the question!

E is stating that there are other industrial activities occurring at Alphin Bay.

We are trying to strengthen the editorial's argument that by looking at Alphin Bay, we know that oiled drilling in Cape Simmons will damage the environment.

If there are other industrial activities and they do cause environmental damage, as opposed to the drilling, then this doesn't help us use Alphin Bay to prove our point that drilling is bad in Cape Simmons.

Conversely, if the other activities are neutral in effect or are even beneficial, this still doesn't tell us that the oil drilling in Cape Simmons will be problematic. This is because they claim that Cape Simmons will use "modern" methods.

Answer D strengthens the argument because it says, if your "modern" methods are the same as in Alphin Bay, then oil drilling will be problematic.

Hope this helps!