Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage?

Ryan-Mahabir on October 7, 2019

Why is E correct? Why is A incorrect?


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shunhe on December 27, 2019

Hi @Ryan-Mahabir,

Let's take this passage paragraph by paragraph. The first paragraph opens up with Dunham's introduction of the dance-isolation technique, and then begins to transition into her training in anthropological research and choreography. The next paragraph talks about her work in anthropology, with the following expanding on her various research projects. The last paragraph talks about another contribution she made to dance. (E) summarizes all this information, and so is the most accurate expression of the main point.

(A) is wrong because the passage focuses more on her contributions to dance, not on her contributions to the field of anthropology itself. While it does touch on her anthropological contributions, (A) is far too narrow and doesn't encapsulate the entire passage as well as (E) does. Hope this helps!