If the budget does not allow for more dairy inspectors to be hired, most of the large dairies in the central valley w...

Ryan on October 7 at 01:29PM

Why is D correct? Why is E incorrect?


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Shunhe on December 27 at 02:39AM

Hi @Ryan-Mahabir,

We need something here that logically compels the conclusion, so let's diagram what we have in the stimulus. The first sentence tells us the following:

BAMDI = budget allows for more dairy inspectors to be hired
MFS = most of the large dairies in the Central Valley will meet federal standards governing the disposal of natural wastes


The second sentence gives us ~BAMDI.

The conclusion is that most of the district's drinking water is likely to become polluted (DDWP).

We have ~BAMDI, and that gives us ~MFS. Now we need something connecting ~MFS and DDWP, and this is exactly what (D) gives us. Diagramming (D) gives us


And so we can make the chain

~BAMDI - > ~MFS - > DDWP

And since we have ~BAMDI, we can conclude DDWP.

(E) is incorrect because it is too strong. (E) has a requirement that NONE of the large dairies meets federal standards (in other words, ALL of them DO NOT meet federal standards), whereas the stimulus only requires that MOST large dairies do not meet federal standards. Hope this helps!