Critic to economist: In yet another of your bumbling forecasts, last year you predicted that this country's economy w...

Keith on October 8 at 03:45PM

Why is (A) correct?

Could you explain the correct answer, please? Thank you!

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Irina on October 8 at 04:22PM


The critic argues that the economist's forecast was wrong considering the economy did not go into recession. The economist responds that his forecast was correct, but it was conditioned on current economic policies staying the same. Since the country's leaders changed economic policies, this state of affairs on which the economist's prediction depended never came true, i.e. current economic policies did not stay the same, and the forecasted recession, therefore, never happened as well. (A) accurately describes the economist's response by pointing out that his forecast is conditioned upon a certain state of affairs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

on November 6 at 06:32AM

I understand A being correct but how is E eliminated? Is it because the critic says "... if economic policies did not change." which is not a factual premise based on the economist's response?