Which one of the following most accurately describes the function of the first paragraph in relation to the rest of t...

Lucas on October 9, 2019



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Irina on October 14, 2019


The correct answer is (A). Please let me know if you need explanation as to why.

Lucas on November 13, 2019

you can explain. I was stuck between B and D

shunhe on January 2, 2020

Hi @Lucas,

This question concerns the purpose and function of one part of the passage (the first paragraph) in relation to the rest of it. To give a bird's eye view, the first paragraph describes traditional sources of evidence; the rest of the passage discusses technological advances in analyzing archaeological remains. Any correct answer will have to be in accordance with at least this bird's eye view. (A) is the correct answer because it sums up this relationship well. There is a particularly difficult archaeological problem described in the first paragraph, which is the difficulty of investigating crafts practiced by women. Then, later paragraphs discuss new methods that help resolve this problem.

We can see that (B) is wrong because the first paragraph isn't describing a previously neglected body of evidence. It's discussing traditional sources of evidence which, in other words, is the previously emphasized body of evidence. Nor are the sources of evidence described in the next two paragraphs conventional, as they rely on new technological advances.

(D) is wrong because the first paragraph isn't talking about the findings of recent archaeological research. It's talking about traditional sources of evidence, which are more likely to be found earlier in the past. In addition, the next two paragraphs don't focus on the role of women in ancient cultures being underestimated by archaeologists, nor does the passage ever state that archaeologists underestimate this role. Hope this helps!