The recent concert was probably not properly promoted. Wells, who is quite knowledgeable about the concert business, ...

Thursday at 01:06AM

Why not A

After diagramming A & C, I’m having a hard time seeing how they are different. Don’t the premises in each invoke the contrapositive to arrive at the conclusion?

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Irina Thursday at 04:35AM


The issue with (A) is that the condition in the premise is different from the one in the conclusion -"performed by a highly skilled surgeon" is not the same as "properly performed." In fact, it is possible that both of these conditions are true - the surgery has been improperly performed by a highly skilled surgeon. The bottom line is since (A) conclusion is unsupported by the premises, we can conclude that the reasoning is different from the stimulus.

Friday at 12:45AM

Oh okay, I see that now. Thank you!