The recent concert was probably not properly promoted. Wells, who is quite knowledgeable about the concert business, ...

hannahnaylor5 on October 10, 2019

Why not A

After diagramming A & C, I'm having a hard time seeing how they are different. Don't the premises in each invoke the contrapositive to arrive at the conclusion?

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Irina on October 10, 2019


The issue with (A) is that the condition in the premise is different from the one in the conclusion -"performed by a highly skilled surgeon" is not the same as "properly performed." In fact, it is possible that both of these conditions are true - the surgery has been improperly performed by a highly skilled surgeon. The bottom line is since (A) conclusion is unsupported by the premises, we can conclude that the reasoning is different from the stimulus.

hannahnaylor5 on October 11, 2019

Oh okay, I see that now. Thank you!