The government health service has said that it definitely will not pay for patients to take the influenza medicine An...

farnoushsalimian on October 10, 2019

Why not E?

I was stuck between B and E but chose E because I thought it must be true that it won't be cost effective. Can you please explain why it isn't E? Thank you

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SamA on October 10, 2019

Hello @farnoushsalimian,

E is incorrect, because we will never know if the drug is cost-effective or not. The only way to get this information is if the government service pays for the drug's circulation. The government will not do so without knowing the cost-effectiveness beforehand. These conflicting requirements mean that the drug will never be in widespread circulation, which is why B is correct. It doesn't matter if the drug is or isn't cost-effective, because that knowledge will never be available. We cannot conclude that E must be true.