The passage most strongly suggests that which one of the following statements is true?

swan on October 12, 2019

Why is C wrong?

Where do you derive that other theorists shared Gilman's view?

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Skylar on October 13, 2019

@swan Maybe I can help.

The passage states that "Another, more activist group of Social Darwinists held that although changes in human societies, like those that occur in biological species, do constitute a sort of evolution, this evolution at the level of a human society need not be competitive, but can emerge through collective action within society" (lines 14-20). Gilman agreed, as she believed that evolutionary theory could be applied to collective movements for social change. The passage states that "Gilman identified herself with this latter ideological camp" (lines 21-22) and noted that Gilman's writings "played an important role in the debate about the theories of Charles Darwin and their application to society" (lines 3-5).

Therefore, we can infer that other theorists shared Gilman's views because of her identification with the ideological camp of activist Social Darwinists, the similarity in ideas described, and the influence her writings had in the debate.

Does this make sense? Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

swan on October 13, 2019