Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage?

Mida on October 13, 2019

Video Explanation

Hi. Do the reading comp sections not have video explanations? They were really helpful

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Skylar on November 7, 2019

@maonuo Glad you found them helpful! We do not currently have video explanations for all reading questions, but if you would like a specific explanation, we're happy to help on the Message Boards.

on March 16, 2022

So could you please direct me to the answers to the reading comprehension questions? Where do I check if my answers are right? Many Thanks

Naryan on March 26, 2022

Hi all,

For this particular question, there are written explanations set out for each answer, both correct and incorrect. If these explanations don't address your question, your next course of action is to check these message boards. We get a lot of questions a day, but we do our best to answer as many of them as we can! Usually someone has asked a question you might have, but if yours is a brand new question, start a new thread, we'd be happy to help!

If we haven't gotten to your question yet, the discord channel is the next place to go. Here you can interact live with other students and see if they have come across the issue before.

Finally, your number one best solution is private tutoring. This will obviously be your quickest and fastest way to get your questions answered. Quick tip on that: use hours earlier rather than later! You will have way more questions at the beginning of your studies vs the end, and we can do much more to help you early on.