If this passage had been excerpted from a longer text, which one of the following predictions about the near future o...

maonuo on October 13, 2019

Question RC

Can someone please explain the correct answer

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Irina on October 13, 2019


The question asks us which of the following predictions can we make about near future of U.S. literature based on the text. Lines 21-24 tell us that "bias against authors who cross generic boundaries is diminishing; several recent writers are known for their work in both genres." This suggests that number of writers who mix both genres and write both poetry and fiction will probably continue to grow" as (A) points out. The rest of the answer choices are unsupported by the passage. (B) is incorrect because nothing suggests that the market for lyric poetry will shrink, (C) is incorrect because it is an unwarranted inference, the passage never talks about sub genres, (D) contradicts the information in the passage, if the bias against writers who mix both genres is diminishing, it is unreasonable to infer that specialization will increase; (E) is incorrect because it is too extreme, the passage merely suggests that more authors are likely to mix both genres not that the authors that only write poetry or fiction will lose their audiences.

maonuo on November 1, 2019

Thanks Irina!