Each of the two passages mentions the relation of music to

Mida on October 13, 2019

Question RC

Why isn't the answer C since both passages talk about brain size?


Skylar on November 7, 2019

@maonuo Happy to help!

This can be tricky. Answer choice (C) "neurological research" is not necessarily the same as brain size. Passage A talks about neurological research in terms of "brain imaging studies" about music (line 6), but Passage B does not present similar neurological research. Passage B mentions "face-to-face-mother-infant interactions" (line 42), but this is not a study with a direct neurological focus like brain imaging.

However, answer choice (B) "human emotion" is stated explicitly in each of the passages. This is seen in line 3 of Passage A and 35 and 57 of Passage B.

Does this help? Let us know if you have additional questions!