Scientist: An orbiting spacecraft detected a short-term spike in sulfur dioxide in Venus's atmosphere. Volcanoes are ...

kristinsmith04 on October 13, 2019

Why is the answer not D?

I was between A and D and chose D - why is it not D?

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AndreaK on October 17, 2019

Hi @kristinsmith04,

A) Opens a can of worms that suggests that maybe there are or at least could be active volcanoes on Venus, and we’re just not detecting them

D) Our premises are about spikes in sulfur dioxide, not long term levels. This also doesn’t have much of an affect as a weakener on the conclusion (that we should not conclude that volcanic activity caused the spike on Venus). This answer choice is about Earth, and doesn’t tie back to Venus in a way that hurts the plausibility of the conclusion.

Hope this helps!