Watanabe: To protect the native kokanee salmon in the lake, we must allow fishing of native trout. Each mature trout ...

kristinsmith04 on October 13, 2019

Isn't A too strong with the use of the word “any/all” other methods?

I wanted to choose A, but since the stimulus only discussed 2 methods of solving the problem, how can we be sure that the method L uses is better than ANY OTHER method? We have no evidence of how he would feel about a third, undiscussed method.

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SamA on October 14, 2019

Hello @kristinsmith04,

Pay attention to an important part of the question stem: "If valid."

This means we must assume that all of the answer choices are true. We do not need to evaluate their validity. Rather, we need to choose the option that best supports Lopez, assuming that all of the answer choices are factual.

You understood why A supports Lopez, but you were afraid of using "every" or "any." It is a good thing that you are looking out for words like that, but in this case, we want the answer to be as strong as possible! Answer choice A leaves no room to doubt that Lopez' argument is better than Watanabe's. Eliminating a non-native species is better than every other method of protecting a native species. That includes the given scenario.

kristinsmith04 on October 14, 2019

Thank you so much Sam!