The author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements?

yuliyavi on October 14, 2019

General Technique

Hello! So is there a general technique that will help to get the right answer and not fall for 2nd best answer? Eliminating most of completely wrong answers is helpful but in my case for the last 3 practice questions (6, 7, 8) I fell for the 2nd best answer. Should I look for less extreme answer?

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SamA on October 15, 2019

Hello @yuliyavi,

I think it will help you to stop thinking in terms of "2nd best answer." There is no such thing. There is one right answer, and the other four are completely wrong. Some may not be clearly wrong at first, but they are all completely wrong. However, I do understand what you are saying. I have often been stuck between two answer choices as well. It may seem like they have arbitrary or insignificant differences, but there is always going to be a concrete reason why one of them is incorrect.

If you've eliminated the clearly wrong answers and are down to two, make sure you notice the specific wording of each choice. You're correct that extreme words such as any, always, or never are important to pay attention to. Extreme doesn't always mean wrong, but it often does.