The discussion of suspension of disbelief in the second paragraph serves which one of the following purposes?

Ryan-Mahabir on October 15, 2019

Why is B correct? Why is D incorrect?


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tomgbean on December 14, 2019

Yes, Please explain the difference between B and D?

shunhe on December 26, 2019

Hi @Ryan-Mahabir and @tomgbean,

(B) is correct because the author brings up the suspension of disbelief in order to explain the photograph's "doubleness" (line 37), and our awareness of this doubleness is what makes our response to these pictures "peculiar." The contrast is set up because we can't suspend disbelief when looking at pictures of actors.

(D), on the other hand, is incorrect because there is no criticism of the fancy-subject pictures in the passage; if you think there is one, let me know where you think it is so we can go through it. Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any further questions you may have.