Which one of the following is true of the relationship between passage A and the second paragraph of passage B?

Ryan-Mahabir on October 15, 2019

Why is D correct? Why is B incorrect?


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Irina on October 16, 2019


(D) is correct because passage A focuses on theory of justice regarding property, including the principle of rectification. The second paragraph of passage B argues that Native Americans have a claim to the land that they originally owned and that was taken from them in the course of the invasion. The principle of rectification thus provides a theoretical support to the argument in passage B, if we apply the principle to the facts surrounding Native American lands, returning the land to the original owners would be the logical course of action.

(B) is incorrect because it describes a reverse relationship between the Passage A and B. The facts in passage B do not strengthen the theory in Passage A, rather the argument in Passage B relies on the theory to reach its conclusion.

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